<h2>Gourna</h2><p>Restaurant - Fish Tavern</p> <h2>Gourna</h2><p>Restaurant - Fish Tavern</p> <h2>Gourna</h2><p>Traditional Tavern</p> <h2>Gourna</h2><p>Restaurant - Fish Tavern</p> <h2>Gourna</h2><p>Traditional Tavern</p>
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Restaurant - Fish Tavern


Our Menu:

The menu of our restaurant "Gourna", located in Gourna - Leros, will find some delightful local specialties and fine fresh fish.We also have traditionally known and delicious Greek dishes such as stuffed, moussaka, fried zucchini, grilled meat, fish and seafood and amazing salads.

One of the best known dishes for which we are famous is the "Lobster with pasta" dish!


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